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Metroid Dread is the fifth installment of the main series as part of the Metroid brand and a continuation of Metroid Fusion. The title was launched in the first years of the 21st century, but the creators were forced to give up the project due to technological limitations. Ultimately, the game was born out of a collaboration between Nintendo and Mercury Steam Entertainment, who previously helped develop Metroid: Samus Returns.


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Metroid Dread continues the story of Samus Aran, a cosmic bounty hunter with a long history with the dangerous (and formally extinct) race of the title Metroid. The heroine goes to the planet ZDR, attracted by a mysterious transmission sent to the Galactic Federation. On the spot, he has to face not only dangerous life forms, but also ruthless machines called E.M.M.I. The creators of the game wanted the new Metroid to appeal also to people who had no previous contact with the series. Therefore, Dread does not require the knowledge of previous games - the events of these are presented in the prologue. Although Metroid Dread uses the perspective typical of 2D production, the developers have abandoned two-dimensional graphics in favor of three-dimensional models and locations. Thanks to this, from time to time we can look at the game world from the heroine's perspective or from behind her back (for example, when using certain abilities). The title is kept in a gloomy, futuristic style: vivid colors are rare here, but "dirty" spots and monstrous enemies are the order of the day. Like Metroid Fusion, the title also builds an atmosphere of horror thanks to the atmospheric music. The audiovisual flavors worthy of modern production were also taken care of, for example sound changing under water and various special effects.


Metroid Dread for android

In many ways, the Metroid Dread is a classic of Metroidvania - a species that owes the series half of its name. So it is a two-dimensional (or actually 2.5D) action game with platformer elements, in which, instead of separate levels, we have many interconnected locations. In these we find enemies to overcome, but also various obstacles. Some of them initially prevent access to some places, but over time Samus gains access to new abilities, not only useful in combat, but also opening new paths. The several years that have passed since the release of the last two-dimensional Metroid also translated into a handful of modifications in the game. Metroid Dread develops the mechanics known from Fusion, modifying older abilities and weapons, and adding more. This includes temporary buffs and camouflage, which is useful when facing a new threat - E.M.M.I. These robots patrol single locations, and upon noticing Samus, they immediately give chase. The standard weapons of the heroine are not able to stop the machines, so Samus has to escape by escaping or avoid being detected by E.M.M.I.

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  • Click on settings.
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  • Open the game, It will download obb and data files and game will start after downloading.

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