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Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition android

The action of Mass Effect games takes place at the end of the XXII century. The discovery of ancient technology developed by the extinct Prothean race allowed mankind to fulfill their dreams of interstellar flight and, consequently, to take their place in the Citadel, a giant space station that is the center of politics, trade and culture for the entire Milky Way. The main character of the series is Commander Shepard. As the first human Specter, i.e. a special agent guarding peace in the galaxy, the hero (or the heroine, as we can choose the gender of the led character) must thwart the plans of another Specter - Saren, who betrayed the Citadel Council and brought a threat to the Milky Way. However, it soon turns out that Saren is only a pawn, and the real, lethal danger to all races is the Reapers - an ancient race of machines that periodically sterilizes the galaxy from organic life. In the second installment of the series, Shepard enters into an alliance with the Cerberus organization to solve the mystery of the disappearance of entire human colonies, and finds a race of Collectors that is trying to accelerate the approaching Reaper invasion. We can see the latter in the third part of the series, in which, in order to save humanity and the rest of the races, Shepard must gain as many allies as possible before the final battle takes place.


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Mass Effect Legendary Edition apk

All games in the suite support 4K resolution at 60 frames per second or more. Character models or environmental elements, textures, shaders, lighting effects and more have been refreshed and improved. Numerous elements of the gameplay have also been improved - the aim of the creators was to modernize the somewhat archaic formula of the first Mass Effect and to unify certain mechanics throughout the trilogy. So the shooting and inventory management have been improved (in ME1), the balance of gaining experience points has been changed, and the character creator has been improved. Mass Effect 3 elements integrated with the multiplayer mode have also been removed.


Mass Effect Legendary Edition for android

In the games included in the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition set, we observe the action from the third person perspective (TPP). The driving force behind these productions are extensive quests that push the story forward, and are accompanied by numerous side missions. On the way, Commander Shepard is joined by other companions with whom he can develop friendships and romances over time. Our command center is the Normandy spacecraft, which we travel on, selecting targets on the galaxy map. In addition, it is a kind of mobile base, on which we can move freely during breaks from performing tasks to interact with the crew. Although in the second and third part of the series we move only on foot, in the ME1 we also get the M35 Mako wheeled vehicle - a cult one among fans of the series due to the terrible control system. Although this element has been improved in the remastered version, fans of the old Mako can stick to the driving model they know. An important element of the Mass Effect series is, of course, combat. The clashes take place in real time, and during them we must not only shoot accurately (the arsenal mainly includes various types of firearms), but also make use of various combat abilities (e.g. biotic skills resembling telekinesis) and give orders to subordinates (although Shepard's team it is much larger, we can only take two companions on missions). In return for the elimination of adversaries and the implementation of tasks, we receive experience points and advance to the next levels, gradually developing the hero and accompanying characters. It is worth remembering that many problems can be solved by talking rather than by force. In addition, we often make choices that affect not only the course of the story, but also the character of our character and its relationship with the team.

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