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In Horizon Forbidden West, we go to the west of post-apocalyptic America, where Aloy is looking for a way to deal with a new threat to the remnants of humanity. This is the second installment in a series of action adventure games with an open world and RPG elements from Guerrilla Games studio. Horizon: Forbidden West is a continuation of Horizon: Zero Dawn - the best-selling action game with an open world and RPG elements, released in 2017. The production was developed by the Dutch studio Guerrilla Games, the authors of the original, and at the same time the creators of the popular FPS series called Killzone.


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Horizon Forbidden West apk

In Horizon 2: Forbidden West, the action is shown from the third person perspective (TPP). As before, the authors provide us with a vast world that reflects the central and western states of the USA. On the map, we will find densely covered forests, rocky mountains, snow-covered areas, wastelands, hot deserts, as well as a lot of ruins of an ancient civilization, including the remains of Las Vegas and San Francisco. We can travel the land on foot and on the backs of selected machines. The exploration is facilitated by new tools available to Aloy and new functions of the equipment known from the first part of the series. The focus can now indicate places where the girl can climb, Pullcaster, i.e. a rope with a hook, allows the protagonist to quickly get to high places, and also easily jump between platforms, while thanks to Shieldwing, a kind of energy parachute, jumps from a large heights are not a major challenge for our student. Another novelty is the possibility of diving, which is helped by a special mask that allows Aloy to venture to great depths.


Horizon Forbidden West for android

The game is driven by tasks that push the story forward, accompanied by numerous missions and side activities. As before, dynamic clashes with opponents also play an important role. On our way there are both hostile people (led by the warlike Tenakth tribe, whose members have found a way to tame even the largest robots) and machines. Among the latter we find previously unseen land machines (such as Clawstriders, which can be used by Aloy as mounts, or resembling mammoths Tremortusks), air (Sunwings) or underwater (giant Snapmaw or a slightly smaller but also dangerous Burrower). We eliminate our enemies, not only by using the already known tools of murder, such as a bow, spear and various traps, but also by using new weapons (such as thrown javelins or grenades covering the targets with glue that slows down their movements). There is also the possibility of silent elimination of enemies or the use of heavy cannons falling from larger machines in combat during the turmoil of battle. As we progress, we gain experience, advance to the next levels and unlock new skills. In addition, we increase Aloy's potential by acquiring better and better equipment and improving the existing one, based on the crafting system.

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  • Open the game, It will download obb and data files and game will start after downloading.

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